Our Story
Hard work pays off
We were given the keys at the end of February on what was an off license. It had been vacated and nothing had been done in the premises for many years. We knew a lot of work would be required. The design of the new showroom had been completed prior so we knew what had to be done. All of the old fittings had to be removed, as well as all the existing electrical wiring and fuse board. The toilet was awful so this had to be removed. Once we had removed everything. We built the new walls as required, then had to put the first fix electrical cables all around the whole room. There were a lot of cables. Wiring for 5 kitchen displays, IT cables as well as the ceiling lighting plan.
Displays arriving
The exciting part was as the displays arrived over two weeks. Giving space to fit them as they arrived. Everything comes from the factory completely built. All pull out and corner mechanisms are factory fitted. Lots and lots of boxes. The installation team were very quick to install them.
As the displays were fitted, the worktops could then be templated as they all had to be made to order. This gives a stunning finish. We had so many colours and materials to choose from. Corian and Quartz were the preferred choices and the quality speaks or themselves.
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Count down to opening
The work in the showroom was completed in time for the opening. This was only 7 weeks after getting the keys. A showroom is never finished as there are always little changes that can be made. Always making improvements.